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Sailsx 1月前
All the best to Rie,
and I hope she will make nice porn for us
who will never see her so that we can dream about her.

All the best to Rie,
and I hope she will make nice porn for us
who will never see her so that we can dream about her.

Sailsx 1月前
Rie has:
Amazing breasts and nipples that i hope will stay firm for millions years
Skin of goddess, absolute perfection
Curves that are perfect for her body type. Every position is perfect for her!
Face of goddess,
eyes that are beyond sexy..
Amazing lips and smile,
Her voice is music, little what she said in one intro videos still linger in my mind

Sailsx 1月前
There is also one of the best parts of Rie is when a guy is finlay nice to her and pleasing,
she gets red cheeks. That thing makes any man culminate right away..
Just for the record, my other favorite porn stars are
Abigale Jonhstone, Faye Raegan, Andi, Lara Brookes, and a few more.

Sailsx 1月前
When you watch her in videos pay attention to how she is not shy to offer and do anything.
I honestly hope it is intentional that guys around her behave like morons, slapping breasts
juggling them like a bag of milk…seriously how is that pleasing to women?
What are they trying to do? Intimidate her?
Stupid play, just because she lets them that does not mean they should do it..
I hope it is intentional to make us jump in there and do it right.

Sailsx 1月前
Yes, personality is the most important part.
What very few porn stars get these days is that personality is very important for man in porn videos.

I watched all her videos many many times. She has that smile of Mona Lisa. Her humble behavior in
all situations when, no matter what these guys around her do to her she always stays above them.
And most importantly in a humble way. Proof that she is an absolute Queen!
That is a goddess! She is all of it.

Sailsx 1月前
Part 1
And there she is. Goddess in every way. Rie Tachikawa.
One in a hundred millions.
I have been watching porn since my 7 grade, and at that time it was color pictures on paper.
Then videos came and now here we are.

There are very few porn stars that I can see myself hugging and having sex. Rie Tachikawa is
absolutely the top one of all of them. She is a perfect blend of amazing body curves,
skin and personality.