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Date/Time:        2023-05-13 09:16:07.494 +0900
End time:         2023-05-13 09:31:46.259 +0900
OS Version:       macOS 13.3.1 (Build 22E772610a)
Architecture:     arm64e
Report Version:   40
Incident Identifier: F146AC7F-2771-4829-83E5-8A3C9D6068AC

Data Source:      Stackshots
Shared Cache:     A52A6D6B-AD23-3F37-B4F1-4B6316ACD74C slid base address 0x19c62c000, slide 0x1c62c000 (System Primary)
Shared Cache:     E990E3C2-0315-350B-ABEA-EA4F4343CD14 slid base address 0x187900000, slide 0x7900000 (DriverKit)
Shared Cache:     B81581AE-FF6F-3644-8C21-C969AC66F1FA slid base address 0x7ff81561c000, slide 0x1561c000 (Rosetta)

Command:          Music
Path:             /System/Applications/
Version:          1.3.4 (1.3.4)
Build Version:    14
Project Name:     MusicDesktop
Source Version:   1003004056000
Is First Party:   Yes
Architecture:     arm64e
Parent:           launchd [1]
PID:              1507
Time Since Fork:  7982s

Event:            hang
Duration:         938.76s
Duration Sampled: 1.10s (process was unresponsive for 938 seconds before sampling)
Steps:            11 (100ms sampling interval)

Hardware model:   Macmini9,1
Active cpus:      8
HW page size:     16384
VM page size:     16384

Time Since Boot:  49562s
Time Awake Since Boot: 49562s
Time Since Wake:  n/a (machine hasn't slept)

Fan speed:        1700 rpm
Total CPU Time:   2.260s (5.0G cycles, 6.5G instructions, 0.77c/i)
Advisory levels:  Battery -> 2, User -> 2, ThermalPressure -> 0, Combined -> 2
Free disk space:  56.50 GB/228.27 GB, low space threshold 3072 MB
Vnodes Available: 67.70% (82161/121358)

Preferred User Language: ja-JP, zh-Hant-JP
Country Code:     JP
Keyboards:        Unicode Hex Input, Arabic-North_Africa, ABC
OS Cryptex File Extents: 352

Timeline format: stacks are sorted chronologically
Use -i and -heavy to re-report with count sorting